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CAS Number : 79794-75-5 Loratadine

Loratadine is an anti-histamine that is widely used to treat symptoms such as itching, stuffy nose, watery eyes, sneezing and other allergies. It is widely accepted all over the world to treat such allergies. Its consumption is especially popular in European countries and USA.

Morepen is a leading pharmaceutical company manufacturing various medical drugs. It is amongst the major producer of Loratadine. It operates its activies globally, functioning in many counties. It dominates USA and many other country’s free market by covering up to 80% of the market share.

Morepen strictly pays attention on quality controls, thereby manufactures CAS Number: 79794-75-5 Loratadine sticking to cGMP prerequisites. Morepen makes best quality products on a regular basis premise which meets the stringent quality necessities of different clients situated in USA, Europe, Japan, India, Nepal and many other nations universally.

Its Loratadine plant is situated in the pleasant districts of the lower Himalayas in the condition of Himachal Pradesh. It is primarily produced in Masulkhana (Parwanoo) plant. Loratadine is additionally produced at the Baddi plant (likewise situated in Himachal Pradesh) from where it obliges to other particular markets all over the world.

This plant has been effectively examined by the USA FDA, EU GMP, and TGA amongst other administrative organizations. Morepen also holds the US DMF, CEP for Loratadine.

Loratadine is being made by Morepen for about 2 decades now. Morepen is striving hard to increase its production in next few years and targets to be the largest producer of this drug worldwide. It values your health and well-being and makes efforts to bring smile on million faces.

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