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Company Profile

Some things will always remain unfettered. Like sunshine and air, like suffering and joy, like sharing and caring. Some things will never recognize the confines of space and time. Like human endeavour and enterprise, like the desire to touch life. At Morepen, we are taking our expertise and experience in Wellness to new countries and new people with an increasing focus on global exports. And in doing so, our spirit of caring is crossing boundaries.

Morepen’s state-of-art manufacturing facility in the picturesque environs of Baddi comprises a scientifically integrated complex of 10 plants, each with a specific product profile. The company’s extensive R&D facilities and factories are manned by a dedicated team of professionals who ensure stringent quality standards. Today Morepen is exporting products to several countries round the global.

The first Morepen manufacturing plant was set up on the foothills of the Himalayas in the idyllic surroundings of Parwanoo. The large and spread out facility is USFDA approved for manufacture of Loratadine, an anti-allergy drug – internationally known as Claritin. Today, its benchmark standards make it the perfect setting for producing advances molecules.

Busy lifestyles and increasing work pressures in everyday urban life have made it imperative to make self-monitoring diagnostic equipment a part of every household. Morepen has tied up with international majors in this category and has brought to India a range of products that help people monitor their health on a day-today basis and thereby seek remedies well in time.

The brand name of Dr. Morepen has a front-ranking presence in the Wellness category. Its spectrum of popular OTC products, amongst which Burnol, Lemolate, Sat Isabgol and many more are undisputably household names, have spread relief and cheer in many homes and lives.

Company Background


‘Morepen Laboratories Ltd.’ is 31 years old company. Went to public in 1993


Manufacturer and Exporter of complex and high margins molecules (APIs/Intermediates) for regulated markets of USA, Europe, Russia, Canada and also for non-regulated markets

Domestic Formulations
Markets over 100 branded formulations in 8 major therapeutic segments

Markets under its own brand name Clinical & Home Health devices and Blood Banking machines

Markets brands like Burnol ,Lemolate, Sat-Isabgol, Option -72, Head-X, Fever-X , C- Candy and others Over the Counter (OTC) products


Headquartered in New Delhi, India. Approved USFDA facilities for ‘Loratadine’ API since March 1999

Manufacturing Facilities

‘Morepen’ has 3 manufacturing facilities, for manufacture of API, formulations and OTC products with international standings, all set amidst green, pollution-free surroundings on the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, located in the state of Himachal Pradesh.


Global Markets
Exports API to US and European markets. Also exports to Israel, Turkey, Iran, CIS and SE Asian markets and neighboring markets like Pakistan, Bangladesh

Domestic Markets
The company is represented throughout India by way of its presence in Branded Formulations segment, wider penetration of its Diagnostic products both homes (Home Health Products) as well as hospitals (Clinical Diagnostics Products) and brand value of its OTC products.

R&D Strength

72 Process/Polymorph Patents Filed

23 DMF/COS Filed

Possess complex chemistry skills like Chiral Synthesis, Grignard reaction, Fridel Craft reaction, High pressure Hydrogenation, Alkylation & Bromination etc.

Quality Certifications






Export House

API Business

Loratadine, on account of  its deep penetration (80% market share) in US generics market, has been a major source of the revenue for the API business. The other important contributor to the API business is Sultamicillin Tosylate and Sultamicillin Base. The main markets for Sultamicillin are Turkey and Singapore. 

The company is engaged in production of Fexofenadine, ‘Atorvastatin’ and ‘Montelukast’ API. Cisapride and Zafirlukast have also been

The company has expanded the business by moving into production of intermediates both for, regulated and free markets. The company is deriving good business from reputed customers like Teva, Chemo, DRL and Matrix for Montelukast, Carvedilol and Loratadine  intermediates .

The company is planning for USFDA certification for its Baddi plant, and expects to get high margin business from regulated markets.

Domestic Business – Branded Presence

Brand ‘MOREPEN’ -  Significant pan INDIA presence thro’-

Medical practitioners

Hospital Institutional sales

Marketing network

Branded Product portfolio

Domestic sales field force of over 500 people

Branded goods business



Present in wide range of categories with around 100 branded formulations


Cutting edge products sourced from over 20 vendors spread across the globe


More than 10 well established branded products, marketed across India

The reach and quality of branded goods, demonstrated since 1996 has led to sustainable growth in the branded goods segment .

The  branded goods business  started with marketing of branded formulations  was, followed by  introduction of OTC goods in 2001 marketed under ‘Doctor Morepen’ brand. In the year 2004, the company  expanded the branded goods segment by marketing of Clinical & Home Health goods in domestic markets under brand name ‘Doctor Morepen’.

Branded Business – Prescription Drugs (Rx)

‘Morepen’ was among the top five fastest growing companies as per ORG data in Rx segment in FY 2001-02 and has potential to grow up very fast

The company has got all India network which is being augmented on consistent basis. It presently has a sales team of around 200 and continuously ramp up the headcount. It  possesses significant reach  to a no. of specialist doctors and general medical practitioners

The company, at present, is actively marketing  more than 50 branded formulations with famous brands like DOM DT, Saltum, Saltumax, Pentopen, Acifix, Claridin, Klarim & others 

New molecules like Ducal, Rethmix, Montelast, Alcofam, Levopen  & Morezole has been launched in  recent past. Launching of more molecules is underway, with time bound launch plan

The  company possesses , WHO & GMP compliant manufacturing facilities for manufacture and development of formulations in various forms like Tablet, Capsules, Powder , Liquid, Multiple Dosages unit form, Semi-solid and Suspension form. 

Installed capacity (Single Shift Basis) for Tablets is 44 Million, where as for Hard Gelatin Capsules and oral Liquid & Powder is 7.5 Million and 1.5 Million  respectively.

First formulation manufacture capacity was installed in ‘Parwanoo’ in the year 1996. However in the year 1998 a state-of-the-art manufacturing site was commissioned at Baddi  to meet the fresh demand

Branded Business – HomeHealth & Diagnostics Devices

This business was started on the principles of exclusive marketing ,distribution  and service tie up with multinational  companies for their products to be marketed in domestic markets.  ‘Morepen’  with the help of large field force and pan India presence was able to penetrate large hospitals and diagnostic centers. With the result that ‘Morepen’ was able to get first mover advantage among domestic Devices' companies and is very well regarded name among the Indian companies engaged in marketing and distribution of Diagnostics Devices. It  has also added Home Health Brand for self health care devices  .

The company has got  joint venture/partnership for exclusive relationship in India for sales, service and support of many reputed companies like –

Immucor GMBH, USA

Beurer GmbH, Germany

Taidoc Techonolgy, Taiwan

Microlife, Switzerland

MSI, USA and IND Dignostics, China

Under Clinical diagnostics front, the largest selling product, ID micro typing system is installed in all the big hospitals like Apollo, Sir Ganga Ram,CMC,AIIMS,PGI,Leelawati,Breach Candy, Hindujas, Tata Memorial, CBB,Red Cross and others. Blood banking business contributes around 25% to diagnostic's business top line

Another big selling product is ‘Optimal’ malaria testing kit used by diagnostics centres and pathology labs and contributes to 20% to diagnostic’s topline

‘Home Health’ business segment markets self-care devices like BP Monitors, Glucometers, Weighing Scales, Digital Thermometers, Pregnancy Kits, Thermal Blankets, Heating Pads , Nebulizers and Pulse-Oximeters

The company is yet to tap the full potential of the devices business because on account of un-availability of any institutional working capital facilities

Branded Business – OTC Products (Dr. Morepen)

Launch of a Mega Brand … ‘Dr. Morepen’

In depth consumer and commercial surveyed revealed that there was a strong need for a sophisticated brand in OTC  product category which should be both reliable and approachable. As there was no major player in this segment, The company realized the need for a mega brand which cuts across the clutter and creates a larger than life image and a relationship not only with doctor but also with consumer.

The company realised the need for a mega brand which cuts across the clutter and creates a larger than life image and a relationship not only with doctor but also with consumer

That’s how  Life Style self help brand ‘Dr. Morepen’ came into existence with its popular baseline “Health in your hands”.

‘The brand was positioned as modern, young, dynamic, vibrant brand which associates itself with upwardly mobile people with hectic lifestyle

‘Dr. Morepen’ target destination is  sit into medicine chamber of every household

Success of ‘Dr. Morepen’

‘Dr. Morepen’ has got extremely good response from consumers & media and got huge publicity & coverage.

Within 3 months of its launch, Dr. Morepen was chosen among 5 top brands in the country across all sectors & industries (BT January 2002)

The product quality, design, concept and packaging were liked by consumers and ‘Dr. Morepen’ had full range of products in self health category like Isabgol, C-Sip, Dab, C-Candy and Y-  Sugar

‘Dr. Morepen’ started brand acquisitions and old time favourite brand  “Burnol” and cough & cold brand “Lemolate” was acquired


Launch multiple products in quick succession to keep sales team motivation high and retail interest alive.

Target categories which are huge in Value & Volume with little competition.

Launch a few firsts in the country like pills to keep you alert when you are feeling lethargic or aid you in sleep when you are feeling stressed out.

Competitive pricing & better margins to the trade.


Direct coverage currently up to 75000 outlets.

Increase retail penetration to 100000 outlets.

Sales team increased to 200 from 100 to cater to the above.

Penetrate distribution up to class IV towns from current class III