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Environment, Health and Safety Policy

We, at Morepen Laboratories Ltd. manufacturing bulk drugs & formulations are committed to provide a safe and healthy working environment and continually improve our EHS performance by preventing accidents, occupational illness and reducing occupational Health and Safety risks at work and exposure to hazardous chemicals: conserve the natural resources and prevent pollution to protect the environment.

  1. Compliance with all applicable Environment, health and Safety (EHS) legislations.

  2. Prevention of incident, injuries and pollution.

  3. We are committed to the reduction of generation of solid waste and ensuring its disposal in a safe and environment friendly manner.

  4. We are committed to continual improvement in areas of EHS.

  5. We shall give priority and attention to health and safety of our employees.

  6. Provide necessary information, awareness and training to all employees and contractors to carry out their tasks in a safe and responsive manner.

  7. Minimizing waste by avoiding leakage / spillage of chemicals and by promoting recovery, recycle and reuse of wastes.

  8. The company will ensure that adequate welfare facilities are available all the sites applicable to the level of staff on site.

  9. Assess and eliminate or control the EHS risk of new and existing operations, and continually assess the environmental performance of our products, seeking ways to contribute positively to their performance.

  10. The company believes that all the employees have individual responsibility of implementing this safety policy both on and off the job.

  11. The company believes not only in auditing its safety & health programme, but also assisting authorized agencies to do so in the public interest.

  12. Each site and department will have the policy prominently displayed so as to bring it to the attention of all employees.