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Keeping pace with bigger dreams…

Dr. Morepen is a Forward Looking, Futuristic, lifestyle driven brand that empowers the modern customers to be in charge of their own health and live life without any stops. The brand is positioned on a simple philosophy of “health in your hands”- a mantra for contemporary life, full of hectic schedules, impending deadlines and tough competition. In line with Morepen’s commitment to a healthier future, Dr. Morepen provides everyday solutions for health ailments affecting the consumer’s lifestyle.

The growing list of Dr. Morepen self health FMHG products includes Burnol (for burns and cuts), Forever Young (improves sexual life, boosts stamina, energy, power and strength), Lemolate Gold (for Cold Relief), Fibre-X Sat-Isabgol (Natural Laxative), Fever-X (Fever Reducer), Option72 (Emergency contraceptive), Dabgel (Antacid), MoreVital+ (Dietary Supplement), Exygra (Sildenafil Citrate), QuickChek (Pregnancy Card) and many more. They serve as everyday health solutions and are marketed through a vast sales & marketing network to over 2 lakh retail outlets.

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