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Our History

The Company commenced the business of bulk drugs etc. and has been carrying on the same since 1985. At the time of commencement of its business, the Company had started as a pure Active Pharma Ingredients (hereinafter referred to as API) player in 1984, moved up the value chain from simple semi – synthetic products to complex multi stage synthesis in a span of 22 years.  In 1999 the Company started working on new generation high value molecules and followed strong R&D to develop proprietary patented technology and form.  The Company got its facilities approved in accordance with the United States Food and Drugs Authority (USFDA) standards in the year 1999.  The Company also built world-class facilities and its assets block grew from US $ 97 to US$ 188 millions during the period 1996-2005.   

As a part of its API, the Company started working on new generation high value molecules namely Ketrolac, Omeprazole, Cisapride and Loratadine. However out of these molecules only Loratadine, a drug the patent of which was held by  Schering Plough, a phrama major of United States of America, could be exploited commercially. Anticipating the expiry of the patent of the US company in 2000, the Petitioner company launched an extensive project for securing USFDA approval for the manufacture of Loratadine. In the year 1999, the company was granted USFDA approval that made the Petitioner Company the youngest Indian Company to have a USFDA approval for its manufacturing facilities.  

On the demise of Mr. K.B. Suri in October 2000, Mr. Sushil Suri who was then looking after the manufacturing and marketing functions of the Company took the reins of the company as Chairman and Managing Director.

Under the stewardship of Mr. Sushil Suri, the company made some path breaking advancements by introducing the brand 'Dr. Morepen' which was received well and created a new segment called 'Fast Moving Health Goods' or FMHG in short. FMHG broke the bastion of prescription drugs by introducing OTC products by promoted the new mantra 'Health in your hands'. Dr. Morepen was adjudged as the top 5 brand launches in the country.